Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Week That Was

This has felt like a pleasant, uneventful, productive week, always the next necessary step taken, a small risk, progress. On Tuesday we had a shoot and had Felix to help us, as I was set-up in one room for interviews while Stefan was on the main action so Felix was on the rifle mike, and helped with all the support work. I enjoyed it very much, it made it all much easier on me and since it was in a business context and politically important, I know he found it informative too. That evening we rewrote his resumé, this week he has moved house, I have designed and prototyped my hang-tags and been right through the sound mix with Paul, Stefan is cutting the helicopter extras, I have started a little job for Zany - just the pleasant bread and butter of life.

I bought a retractable lead for Buckley - an I getting too involved?


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