Monday, May 25, 2009

Proud Day

Felix graduated on Saturday and we were all there to cheer him on in the usual San Francisco Arctic conditions. At the end of May I was wearing: wool pants, socks and boots, shell and shirt, with my big London camel coat over the top, and a pashmina (genuine article, bought in Nepal) for luck. I was just sorry I hadn't worn gloves. He graduated in fine style, we drank champagne in the Economics department where they had put on a good spread, George manfully took photos of every permutation, then we met up again in the Hayes Valley for a good dinner. When we got home we had a very quiet night.

He is now rather exercised about what he is going to do in this current economic market. Exchange program? Find a job? Further degree? Whatever it is, we are proud of him and sure he will do well.


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