Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Balanced Life

Sometimes I think that if you manage the White Knight's however-many impossible things before breakfast you skim the cream from the rest of the day. It isn't yet nine and I am fatigued...

Rejoicing in my garden, so lush and green. I did all my laggardly correspondence, and got out the radio mikes and transmitters to change the batteries ready for this evening's little shoot at the Ferry Plaza - we will go over by ferry! And today I will sew.

Yesterday we went to China Camp and the Civic Center with Drina and Roger, and afterwards I gave Buckley another bath and brushed him thoroughly after being ticked off in the dog park for his condition. There is a Last of the Summer Wine social group there in the afternoon which I find very pleasant.

First a little loll on the deck is in order, with tea.


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