Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dyed Again this Morning

Two more swatches of linen, plus my right hand when I forgetfully removed the cloth with it instead of tongs while adding the soda ash.

It has been satisfying dyeing the cloth I already had. For one thing the linen is superior, and it is a simple economy. Also I wanted basic, utilitarian colours and these simple dyes are traditional, just like the undercoat colours I prefer. These cheap, well-worn pigments are what makes Farrow & Ball so authentic.

I even sort of hope the colours run a bit when I wash them.

As I crunch through the many tiny purple fruits of our towering privets I wonder again if I have the guts to take them out. Scabby, rangey, messy, ugly, they are still trees in a difficult spot. They get no sun till they clear the roof, it is windy, the soil is rocky and they are only a foot away from the foundations. I would be thoroughly grateful for them, maybe should be thoroughly grateful, except for the mess.


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