Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Many Small Things

Nailed the flapping eaves lining back into place

Moved hooks for canopy to accommodate the new lights

Sewed new cords on canopy

Cleaned my poor Dapple Grey of a Dyson - carpet layers vacuumed up CORDS, and all the filters needed washing

So I did the Stinger too

Sprayed all plants with fertiliser on the theory that after rain is a good time to do it

Polished the dishwasher (what?)

Mended the cafetiere cosy, whose insides were coming out

Lifted all the knots of my knot collection from the horrid varnished board and arranged them on a driftwood plank, hitches with hitches, bends with bends, all proper

Finished the third sofa cushion

Vacuumed, of course

Washed down the kitchen cabinets for painting

Planted out geranium and daisy cuttings

Packed a parcel, properly

Flea-ed the cat

Inadvertently flea-ed myself too

Looked up Ghazi's street in Paris - nice!

Assembled the materials to make signal cushions, except for blue dye from Dharma

Cleaned wood stove out for the summer

Threw out things I had tired of


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