Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning

First off it strikes me that I have so many beautiful flowers in the house - Cissy brought daffodils and they are fully out now, Zany gave me great branches of blossom, Carolyn brought a bunch when she came to dinner, and so did Jamie and Kristen, and of course I still have my overflowing pot of freesias. This is the way to live!

Downstairs I have finished painting bar the second coat on the bathroom walls, I installed the new dryer duct and new rod in the closet, I tiled behind the loo in the master bath, and Steve has shampooed the carpets. Tomorrow I will finish boarding out the store room, already it looks so much better with all that scratchy pink insulation neatly sealed away. I particularly like the entrance where I used aromatic cedar boards I had been storing forever, the rest is plain ply and leftover bits and pieces. I have extended the platform over a uselessly narrow section and that side is for us, the larger part is for Mary. However in principle I am against storage, since most things get tucked away and forgotten, so what is the use? We have a tent, and suitcases, and stupid boxes I will try to persuade Stefan to chuck.

I carefully unscrewed the quite handsome copper stair treads and will see if they can be reused once stripped of paint, and will see if I can start power-washing the deck. I think I am over the flu.


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