Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Tick List

I feel younger and more energetic since starting on the painting downstairs, so maybe my winter malaise is inactivity. Anyway, I am going about it slowly, have covered the floors, removed all the door handles, filled the holes, washed the woodwork of many finger and dog prints plus the diarrhoeic fly residues, and have the first roller coating of wall paint up. I have decided to do the ceilings too, no hardship really as they are so low I can touch them, but I know it is going to be tiring so am pacing myself. I painted all the doors (six) and windows with a small roller, still need to do all the touch-ups but it is amazing how much you can do that way - obviously no cutting in but even mouldings came out smoothly.

All the while I dream about using the space myself, even though at the moment I just want the income. For a small space it has two big walk-in closets, plus a proper pantry, laundry room and storage room. I fantasise Stefan's workroom in the main bedroom, my workroom in the front bedroom/study, office in the living room and Stefan's current workspace reverting to a spare bedroom. Ah, sweet dreams.


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