Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pecking Order of Loos

I drove home tonight in a daze of contentment and a degree of lower back pain after having installed a new industrial-strength loo at Webster Street - with a promise of a report on its performance. If it leaks my credibility is in shreds. It is very handsome, low and sleek and miles better than the Toto now in the back of my truck, destined either for the dump or the flat downstairs. A ripple effect.

I had such a strong urge for a pot of hyacinths that I stopped at Strawberry on the way home, but all they had were stiff unlovely bouquets for Valentine's Day (the Hallmark opportunity). Tomorrow we are working on Angel Island so I won't be able to see if there are hyacinths or violets at the Farmer's Market, but I can put my need on hold until Monday.

We visited Dan in his completely re-built house on Friday and sat looking over to the harbour at Angel Island, eating bagels and smoked salmon from the new kitchen, sitting on plastic outdoor chairs as there is no furniture yet, and talking of debtor's prison. He has been building for three years, and it is beautiful, but in the current economic climate it seems very, very big. I love his cabin in Mendocino which is one big room!


Blogger Will Sargent said...

Thank you Mum. I have just christened the toilet, and it is glorious.

The entire apartment has new apartment smell. And dear god, woman, it's my apartment. You should be pointing out the spots to clean while sitting on the couch eating bom-boms. There is an order to these things, you know. Which is my way of saying thank you for cleaning my apartment. And I hope you liked the tea.

11:42 PM  

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