Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crossed Wires

More like a bird's nest of wires from the many, many items of equipment we accumulate. Some had velcro ties, but most were just loose or were bundled up with masking tape which makes them disgustingly sticky - sticky with a side of slime. DON'T DO IT! I WILL TAKE CARE OF THE WIRES!

So I sat like an old dam with her knitting and resolved the tangle into power leads, chargers, and my best score, twenty-eight transformers. (Update: thirty-two.) All cleaned (sorry, cleansed) with Goo-Gone and put in orderly rows, ready for identification by next of kin, aka Stefan.

If we keep them, and I bet most of them are redundant, I will buy velcro ties and ziplok bags and labels for them. Can't wait.


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