Friday, March 20, 2009


Each morning I see my Vegemite disappearing at an alarming rate, and as it is now verboten here in Paranoid-land because it contains folates and the FDA has not approved, I have relied on passing friends from Oz to bring offerings. Even though the return fare now is an astounding $550 return, no kin are planning a visit, so I have posted an ad in the travel section of craigslist australia: "Will pick you up from airport in return for Vegemite!" I await results.

Walls, ceilings, doors, trim and front door are now painted downstairs, but I have yet to tackle the mammoth cupboards, which haven't been painted since the conversion fifteen (?) years ago and are a rich tobacco cream. The truck is full of debris, the deck is clear, and I am just waiting for a higher tide to kayak under the house to check for joists, so I can create a better vent for the dryer.

How can I get a steady supply of this into my life? I feel alive when I am busy, and it is all very well to say it is a crutch and I should find Inner Peace and I am co-dependent on activity, but it's my crutch and I'm happy with it. Might shed some weight while I'm at it.

We got a wonderfully descriptive email from Will in Buenes Aires, I'll ask him if I can post it. Don't want to inhibit him.


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