Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Flavour of the Day

I went out in my kayak at high tide to make sure the new dryer vent would be between joists, quite tickled still that I have to take to the water to see the underside of my house, and thrilled to see that a swallow has built her nest there. The wind was blowing me backwards and the sun on the water was dazzling (my big hat is in Patagonia) but eventually I heard cries for help: Janie's beautiful big orchid had blown off her deck. When I got there I could just see the blooms about ten inches under the surface like some exotic new waterlily, and by pushing off the silt with my paddle I was able to slurp it out, and then the pot too, which was already settled well in. Put them both into my lap and paddled to Janie's dock to hand over, so I hope they survive.

I was mud all over, soaked to my shoulder, but felt so pleased with myself, and soo good after a hot shower, that I did precious little else all day apart from a little carpentry.

Tonight Cissy came over and saw the film and she likes it! She said all the right things! We were on tenterhooks as she is the first person not closely involved to see it (we showed Jamie and Kristen on Friday). Of course she is blood kin, but on the other hand is nothing if not straightforward.

I think I will need whisky to sleep.


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