Monday, May 18, 2009

A Water Day

I am planning a water day tomorrow - water the garden, power wash the deck, and go out in the kayak, tide permitting. When I tried on the weekend there just wasn't enough water.

Today had very little to do with water, except for hand washing my beautiful mohair and silk sweater that Buckley had torn, once I swiss-darned the holes. I finished the work for Zany, and sewed myself two linen trousers for summer, one white, one brown, and made five seat cushion covers for the deck from scraps. I can't sew more cushions as I am waiting for more fabric, with bated breath.

So not an exciting day. We are STILL waiting for the sound mix, can't believe it. My website is built but not stocked with the right information yet, and it is beautiful.


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