Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blind as a Bat

Ah, insomnia. I caught up on the news, scoffed some leftover Thai food (delicious!) from William's visit, tried Skyping Norma, and was just settling in to email with a cup of tea when I heard something outside. Turned on the light, opened the door, and there was a dear little grey cat gazing winsomely at me from the foot of the vine. "Lulu?" Then I realised it wasn't so little. At last I meet our raccoon face to face!

Yesterday I dropped in on Sally next door, new neighbour, as she washed her dogs. We sat and chatted, I brushed one while she shampooed the others, Buckley very interested in all this, and I was quite proud of him as he took an intelligent interest, clean himself with his coat gleaming after I had been over him with the Furminator. He sat like a lamb while she clipped his horrible Mandarin front claws, I think he is getting to like all the attention.

While I type there are all sorts of scuffles and scrapes outside - Rocky obviously isn't put out by my presence.

I met Amy and Bonnie while I was walking over to Carolyn's in the morning, and we talked about the summer block party. I so enjoy having neighbours, and living in a place which lends itself so well to block parties.


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