Monday, May 25, 2009


This is Memorial Day weekend, and everything has taken on a bustling, celebratory air.

The day started with a wonderful long walk up San Pedro Mountain (just a big hill really) with Barbara and Buckley, then we met Stefan at Peet's for coffee. Actually I woke inspired at six and sewed two new colourways which I have called grandly, Mombasa and Seattle, and such a proud creator am I that I dote at them and think Lordy, they look good.

I powerwashed the decks at long last, then the afternoon was the Point party on the beach, a good hundred immediate neighbours were there and we had a marvellous time, way past the allotted 4pm halt, but we went home eventually, I hairy-goated all the machine, bolts and threads away before Dee and Jill arrived for dinner, minus Ed who had been sprited off to Albequerque at short notice. We joined Sally and her guests for a drink before our own dinner and their first viewing of our film, heartwarmingly enthusiastic and observant despite an equal appreciation of the product. Once again I looked at it and thought, it is good. Still waiting on the sound edit... and waiting.... He is doing a very good and thorough job, and it is driving Stefan nuts.


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