Sunday, July 27, 2008

For a Magical Hour

I heard from mum that Tim had had no communications from me about terra preta so I sent him an email, then fossicked around with more links, and here I sit two hours later, full of coffee and fizzing with all I have read. The link above is the most romantic, and this one

is a wonderful overview and the first I have found with a map.

I have obviously lost the blog I thought I wrote on 1491, the book about pre-Columbian civilisations. 1491 is annoyingly written in journalistic rather than scholarly style - or maybe I just don't like his writing. It brings to mind Tom Stoppard's wonderful rant comparing prose to a cricket bat, which reminds me of seeing Diana Rigg and Michael Horden in Jumpers.

I didn't understand back then that life was about collecting enriching experiences. I was such a dreary Puritan, I thought it superior to work rather than gallivant, and could never understand Rosemary's theatre and concert habit, thought it was sheer indulgence. I feel differently now.


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