Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Holy Cow

This is where we have been filming every few weeks, with Karen and Chris, the owners. The Highland cattle are too photogenic for words, especially the calves, the latest born just this week.

It has been far too hot, so I was helping Karen water them, then we led them to shade. They were huffing and puffing so much their heads were nodding in unison, they looked as though they were grooving to their iPods, but the heat was actually dangerous. We hosed down the youngest calf (she held and I hosed, so we were all much cooler).

Yesterday we were doing the aerial footage, Chris and Stefan up in the Cessna, I stationed between the two sides of the vineyard with the second camera for the reverse angle. After about quarter of an hour in the sun I realised I might die, so stayed in the shade of the vines, lurking, slightly embarrassed. Two hares were playing way down the end of the rows, elegant curved taupe bodies and Nefertiti ears. They reminded me of Joey, Annie's whippet, same heraldic elegance.

Once again I was surprised to feel the temperature drop as we approached the bay, then surprised again to step inside the house to feel that blessed sea breeze. Never get used to it. I have rigged a giant canopy over the deck, bright blue, and I wonder why I hadn't done it sooner. Tomorrow the heat is meant to peak at about 120.


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