Sunday, July 06, 2008

At the County Fair

We think Marin is a sophisticated place -no! There's Betty McCluskey sweeping the board with her breads, pies, cakes, cookies and preserves, G. Trimble with her champion roses, and bonsai, sculpture, painting, quilts, some horrific knitting, a skein of wool labelled only "cat"... The county fair is a wonderful place.

Like everyone else I like the animals best, and top of the list are the sheepdog trials. Second is pig racing - four times four piglets with racing silks and atrocious pun names - Britney Spare-Ribs, Lindsay Loham, Arnold Schwartzen-ham-mer (he won). It is so much fun. And when we came home from the heat and the crowds there was a delicious sea-breeze blowing in, and I settled under my parasol on the deck and watched the water.


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