Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Salt Mine

From the dubious comforts of the Holiday Inn at Salt Lake!

For the last two days we have been filming the extraction of potash from lake brine, and it is unexpectedly beautiful. The lake is ringed by mountains and from the top of the hill behind the plant you look over acres and acres of salt pans in various stages of liquidity. Most are white, some are turquoise and others a clear coral pink from the growth of algae. There are birds too surprisingly enough, in the less brackish waters, pelicans, avocets, ducks, and seagulls, and more swallows than I have ever seen.

It has been hard work, long days, and incredible heat - inside the salt tower it was 160 degrees. The salt gets all over everything, into the camera and lenses, our hair, our shoes. Lick your lips and taste salt.

Off for a steak dinner.


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