Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Driving Through Paradise

Sunday took us up through Chico and the heart of the Paradise fires, filming almond and plum orchards, then fields of tomatoes and sweet potatoes. I have been in the Central Valley before of course, but it is always different when you are working with the people who live and work there. Flat, flat, flat, and hot, but plenty of water for irrigation and some of the most luscious soils I have ever seen, chocolatey and friable like brownie mix. The fruit basket of America. We saw evidence of countless fires but only one big one. Bad enough, and the air is full of smoke, and Holiday Inn full of fire fighters.

The photo above comes from the polecam, which I set up in the back of the farmer's truck. I am getting more practiced at it, and better at the high slow pans which give a good establishing shot with a lot of production value. Client likes it very much, so we are pleased.

We got back round about ten last night, but I had heedlessly drunk coffee when we finished shooting at five, so despite the hard work I could NOT sleep until about three. Then up at six to meet with the whole family to see Felix get his American citizenship in San Francisco (and I didn't cry). We had a rumbustuous brunch, then home, and I am trying to stay awake but it is too hot to garden or load wood and planters, or even to spread the bag of Product I scored - 50lbs of sulphate of potash to share with John.


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