Friday, September 21, 2007

Birthday Cake

I should really be making Cissy's birthday cake, but after a fairly tumultuous week it is lovely just to sit trying to raise people on Skype. Fruitless, sadly. However I shall approach the cake with a more eager and joyful mind if decontractee.

I spent the afternoon at the dentist's, and we had great fun. A piece had fallen off a little front tooth so I had that fixed, then we got carried away and replaced the never-right muck-up of my big front tooth, then she evened out all the chips at the bottom and suddenly my teeth look a lot more American. Photo soon.

I drive Lucy to the airport tomorrow morning (she got into the post-grad. course!), then we film in Sonoma, then back for Cissy's family celebration. Today Maggie brought Mrs Benson for our now traditional deckside lunch whenever she comes over from the East Coast, we had meetings on Wednesday, so when will I ever finish tiling the shower? It is going very well so far, but slowly, slowly. I wanted company and I have it - now I want HELP!


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