Saturday, September 08, 2007


I have just ordered online a thing I can only call a Recessive - a preformed niche for soap, shampoo etc which fits between the studs in the shower wall. It is EXACTLY what I had envisaged and I feel so twinkly-eyed and justified somehow in my search, that I almost don't mind the $17 carriage.

A productive day. I loaded the truck with debris to take to the dump, where the highlight was dunny-hurling. I think it flew about twelve feet before meeting its destiny. We bought new tyres for all four wheels even though only one had a nail in it. Then to the builders' yard for thin-set, spacers, backer-board, notched trowel, tile-cutter for I had given it all away after the last bathroom, thinking I would tile no more. And effete silicone caulk in aerosol form, what a luxury.

For light relief I bought a 2008 diary, thinking of Mrs Miniver all the while. My one is coral coloured leather, little and slim but it has maps in the back instead of all that useless info. Two more items I had been fretting after as well: a funnel with an integral sieve, for my Kambucha brew, and a real, scratchy metal scouring pad, tracked down after a long and disbelieving search. Does no-one else always burn the carrots?

Such a pleasant dinner last night with D & D, good talking. I love good talking. Must get out more. Not be Recessive.


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