Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Day

Norma rang in the small hours with the wonderful news that her house has sold ahead of auction, so all her hard work and focus has paid off, and handsomely. And Ned has been making his bed to professional standards!

I wonder what she will do between now and the end of November when they move (especially since they go to Nepal in December, or Ladakh, or both, I forget - they are building a school there). Chucking things out, I suppose, and continuing to scan and store the archive. Maybe a little leaning on the laurels, and drawing and redrawing of the new house.

Yesterday was such a lovely day, it was a relief to get my hair tamed and we shopped for trifles like milk and bread, and a very large suitcase to replace the lighting case which gave up the ghost this last round of baggage carousels. In Washington I saw it rearing at the top of the belt before somersaulting into the barrier, laden with $40 light bulbs. The new one is a peculiar shade of blue, all the better to see you with my dear.

The shape of today (intended): to level the shower tray, fix it, and maybe even fix the first round of backer board for the shower. I want to look at little round porthole lights, and fans, too.


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