Tuesday, August 21, 2007

At the Airport

Well what do you know, here we are waiting for a plane to Washington D.C. which was due to leave at 4.05 but now might, just might leave at 7.30. It is now past 7 so we are not too hopeful, but we are happy it is late because we didn't even get here until 4. So confusing, but I bought coffee and chocolate and have a book.

The shoot of the ex-congressman went well and he is an interesting man, made his fortune in fishing tackle but still very down to earth, I was expecting a MacMansion, not a simple, charming lakeside house. I have been oddly charmed by this neck of the woulds (felicitous typo). We were saying as we drove through absolutely interminable corn and soy fields, punctuated by red barns, how secure people living here must feel. It is not flashy, but green, grounded, prosperous, plenty to do, plenty to eat, space and peace and good people. How could they have supported a war?


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