Thursday, August 09, 2007


Artisanal: small scale, traditional production
Artisinal: miss-spelling of above?
Artiginal: has 163 entries in Google, but no definition, not even in the beloved Oxford Compact which sits demi-virginally on the lowest shelf. There is a cluster of usage related to Italy, is that a clue?

Ravening for coffee after my walk as usual, and having found only one small, perfectly ripe blackberry, I made a hearty peasant omelette, and as I leapt about the kitchen I realised that breakfast is the most balletic meal of the day, because I know what I'm doing and it goes in sequence, and hunger lends speed too I suppose. Like those Japanese chefs, or 80's cocktail barmen.

The photo yesterday was of the fence opposite the front door. I love the lobelia and pulled all the intruding self-sown nasturtiums but that one, and it came up with that flower. The gin bottle is one of the many I have pulled out of the water (someone upstream on a binge), and I found the 'private' sign after a storm on the beach.

The simplest, most delicious biscuits:
6oz each flour and soft butter, 2oz sugar. Mix, add two desert spoons of coffee granules, roll into little balls, flatten with a fork, 160C for twenty five minutes (they won't colour, so don't cook them too long).


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