Monday, August 06, 2007

Seoul Sister

Laconic line from Norma: "Off to Seoul tomorrow for an ad and back Friday", included in an email with the professional photos of the house taken with the magical fish eye lens: my word, it is the portal to Stylist World. The blurb is good too, so I hope it all combines to heat up bidding nicely. It almost makes me believe in a Personal God that she has location work to do at such an opportune time. She might not have time to wander, but she’ll at least get room service.

It was she who introduced me to the delights of the Korean bath house so I hope she has time to mine the motherload. It can sound so glamorous to go to an exotic location, work of course but always a change of scene and pace. She has been slogging on the house for the past three months (we are allowed to say obsessive) and loves the Far East, used to live in Hong Kong. I munch papaya for breakfast and imagine it, and more sensibly, I shall Google.

Carolyn now has me all hung up on commas. I become irritated by excessive commas and prefer errors of omission; could I have gone too far?


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