Thursday, July 26, 2007

The View from my Tunnel

The main blessing of insomnia is clarity. There aren't the distractions of daylight hours, and since I have a free day today I don't have to torture myself by staying awake after lunch. I shall sit out on the swing seat and drift peacefully, watching the play of light on the water.

I have been musing on the apology recently proferred: "I don't want you to think I don't appreciate your hard work and professionalism. I guess I shouldn't impose my own standards on you." Now, does that sound like an apology? Does it feel like an apology? It was intended as one.

After lively discussions of truth and truthiness I am fascinated once again with our potential for tunnel vision. Complexity is rich, so beware what you pride yourself on, you can rely on it too much, and miss out on more appropriate responses. All this in the process of making a corporate film which OF COURSE is presenting the company in a chosen light. A certain integrity is called for, but we shouldn't for a moment claim the moral high ground of truth. Exposes are not totally truthful either, for all they claim the moral high ground as their own.

Our client is writhing on a point of...honour? Certainly self-image, so won't recreate or even arrange scenes. As a result he already has twenty hours of tape to edit. And maybe because he won't pre-select content, he focuses on technical details, and that is an emotional choice: he feels comfortable at that level.

I think our man is uneasy about making a corporate film ("I'm a documentarian!") and has not yet found his balance on this.


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