Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rapture Unforeseen

I involuntarily bought two sheets of rough ply, ripped, and (glory glory) a nail gun and compressor, and spent yesterday panelling the rear wall of the kitchen. Reactions have been brilliant, and I am surprised too, it looks so strong. I will have to seal it of course so that is next.

I wish I could truly see things before I did them. I have the visions of course, but the end result has an emotional kick I can't ever predict.

The nail gun made it so easy and quick, I could hold up the board with one hand and shoot with the other. Both George and Peter Meyers rang while I was doing it and both groaned when Stefan said what I had bought. I find that a strange reaction.

I have now bought the w.c., basin, taps, shower head, mixer and valve, and need to buy the basin support, not the $800 efforts but a kitchen cart which has the look I want (and the look which incidentally features in the Restoration Hardware catalogue, no recommendation but validation I suppose), panel doors and pocket door mounting. The shower tray is the challenge: I want a very plain, white one. Getting to grips with the language was one problem, they are called pans, bases and receptors here. The local hardware stores had a hopeless selection with strange wiggly textures, and it is VERY HARD to see detail online. My hopes rest with a Starck tray but I want to see the real thing before I shell out.

I visited my dream house again and this time saw the plans, and am happy to say that my vision for it is streets better in every way than the architect's. Now all I need is the money. It was deeply satisfying that the owners really got what I was driving at and got all excited, asked questions and then got that introverted dreamy happy look as they contemplated how it would be if you made the office the entrance, put the bedrooms on the first floor and moved the kitchen to the media room. I really like them, I don't want them to sell.


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