Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Here goes:

From top left: Louise Mitchell, Helen Telford, Pamela Williamson, Judy Brookman, Julie Radford, Alison McGlynn, Sue Stock, Chris Trollope, Penny Burnham.

Middle row: Frances Hwang, Anne Cohen, Leanora Ceylon, Bubba Akon, Margie MacDonald, Susie Wat, Pepita Conlon, Marina Lansky, Fleur Stranner, Miriam Levitan.

Front row: Pauline Sullivan, Annabel Wheeler, Tricia Rose, Paddy Mullin, Karine Lancaster, Jeni-Sue Bowman.

Missing, but there in spirit: Sue Leebeater, Louise Allen (Price), Julie Jellicoe, Pish Donovan and Chris Harcourt.

Some are dead, quite possibly more than one is certified. A disproportionate number are doctors, and about half of us never married.

I still remember that the mother of one wore an ankle bracelet, which at that place and time was equivalent to being followed by the town crier crying "Whore! Whore!" Another mother wore eyeshadow my mother sniffily described as a Canadian sunset. Jeni-Sue Bowman had a hard time fitting in, she was American and complained all the time - a sense of entitlement foreign to us, but we could have been kinder I suppose, and it was unforgivable that we connived at her humiliation at the hands of the young English teacher Norma Francis, who would not address her by name, offering her a choice of Jenny or Sue but not the combination.


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