Sunday, July 22, 2007

There was a Complication..

This little house is built as tight as a boat and there isn't a utility room suitable for a litter tray. So, I was logical and put her tray in the bathroom. (I did the same in Soho by putting the litter tray in the fireplace in the bathroom, behind a fire screen.) I cut a little portal in the bottom of the linen cupboard door and Madam has her privy.

Well, she is now seventeen and becoming...erratic. I left the door open while I was painting and she, following some internal logic, went through the portal and peed, rather than going through the portal, turning right to the litter box, and peeing. She must have to'ed and fro'ed and tramped through the litter because this is what I saw:

And she wasn't speaking to me.


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