Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Blessedly home after the worst motel room, hot and dark and noisy but at least it was on the ground floor for the equipment. The town was pleasant, Smalltown USA, and I always enjoy the work, so all-in-all a sense of accomplishment.

While we were filming grain bins and train tracks I found what I think is a skunk skull, so delicate but with strong curving canines, nine rail spikes, assorted heavy washers,three strange iron hooks of varied shapes and two big lumps of pumice, all gracing my table now until I work out how to deploy them. 50 cents each for rail spikes here.

The house felt so orderly and welcoming, Suscipe was happy to see us, Cissy had watered and even the portulacca I had rashly planted out on Sunday seem plump and content. Felix has secured his apartment, William is coming over this evening and we are working again tomorrow and Friday then I have the weekend to build. Life is good.


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