Friday, August 24, 2007

Mya Papaya

The papaya seeds I so carefully germinated have turned into sturdy little plants with round, veined leaves, I am as thrilled as a granny.

Mary is still in Albuquerque making her report to a hostile board, so I simply went for my usual hike, back to a long chat with June in Dorset, lying on the deck with Suscipe on my chest and the hummingbird checking us out, then spoke with each of my darling children and now am listening to my favorite music on iTunes while blogging and drinking good coffee. Bliss can sometimes be built up in layers, like lacquer.

Yesterday I cut the compound angles of the new rafters and worked out the tricky bits round the skylight, frustrated only by my lack of strength - I simply can't hold the things up to screw them in. That is perfect happiness too, doing something I love, unhurriedly, with good tools. This morning I will level the shower tray, then get my hair cut so no longer Shetland pony.

The lunar eclipse is Monday/Tuesday 2 a.m. and we will have grandstand views, then the Alpha Aurigid meteors on September 1 are best seen from Hawaii! I am spoilt.


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