Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Women Want

Sitting here with my breakfast I feel unaccountably isolated and Sad (as in Ant and Bee). What price papaya and strawberries when one is Sad?

So I should DO something. Steve came over yesterday, popped up a rafter and said he'll be here Wednesday, so as I nearly killed myself yesterday cutting the hole for the skylight I think today is made for fun, if I can work out what that is.

We fly to Hawaii on Thursday, a lot of papaya I hope, and swimming all day, surf, Asian food. I went with my mother almost exactly three years ago, after Cissy's wedding and their anniversary was Wednesday. My birthday is Sunday.

I shall sew for Zany, go to Borders and maybe kayak. There's a plan.

I read a silly Sunday article about Life Lists - 100 things to do before you die sort of thing. I don't think I have 100 left, but I realised I would like to :
have an on-going nurturing relationship with a child or children
have an orchard and chooks, and a vegetable patch. And a root cellar.
renovate houses

I have done or am doing most of my preferences, so that is reassuring. My crise spirituelle came when I realised that if I didn't organise going to Peru, it was unlikely to happen. So I did and I went, and travel isn't an imperative for me now.
Lucky to travel for work so often.

It was interesting to see Berkley Bedell on Spirit Lake, his home and activities chosen, not dictated by his financial success. I'm sure it happens all the time, just it is hard to identify. Million$ tend to sing a siren song.


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