Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More Hawai'i

The Aurigid meteor shower was a fizz though I sat and strained my eyes in the right quadrant. The next evening we drove west hoping to observe the Green Flash, chose a posh hotel with four lagoons and saw a magnificent sunset in lovely company and even with Hawaiian singers and dancers in the background, but no green flash. Pictures will be posted, though the little camera hasn't the right lens for that sort of thing.

On my birthday we snorkelled a glorious reef at Hanauma Bay, so many wonderful fish, a beche de mer, a plaice and hundreds of dazzling colours and sizes of coral and I came home with Baboon Bottom (not enough sunblock for the position I assumed half the day). Even this morning when we went for the Last Swim I looked down and there was a tiny fish snuggling into my bosom, they don't seem to worry about our intentions at all. It reminded me of the hummingbird.

The skylight and new gutters and bathroom wall are all in, so I am content. Tomorrow I will get cracking.

The next time I go to Hawai'i I want to learn to surf properly, on a board.


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