Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We did an interview early this morning and have a meeting to film tonight, driving test in between which means get the car cleaned, so the day was shot before it started as far as tiling was concerned. I accidentally opened iPhotos and was completely sidetracked with 646 photos, mostly of the last five years in this place. My goodness I have done a lot! I reeled at the impact - house, garden, bathroom, kitchen, ceilings and skylights. Stefan wants me to board the living room walls, he so likes it in the kitchen. Have I the strength?

Of course the real issue is that it doesn't stay that way. Heroic effort is enjoyable, if only it would stay that way, but no, dust settles, clutter gathers, weeds grow.

I THINK: I will do some then and now side-by-sides, so I can really appreciate the changes. A little patter on the back. The one at the top there shows growth from spring 2006 to autumn 2007 - pretty good eh? The tree is a paulownia, arboreal equivalent of a pumpkin for speed of growth -and the leaves look pretty similar too come to think of it.


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