Sunday, September 16, 2007

Slice of Heaven

Cissy and I had a delicious girl day at the Bay Club and Frantoio, twelve hours of unrelenting pleasure including dinner with George and Stefan afterwards. I awoke so bouncy and full of myself, all the result of that luxury injection, it is a positive duty to cast off puritan relicts. Have we a duty to be happy?

A long while ago, mainly when 'dealing with' my mother-in-law, I expounded a tactic called 'hardware solutions', which is using a thing to ease uneasy relations with another, instead of one's own precious time or heart's-blood. So, I hunted down a bone china mug with a rim to replace one she mourned, and such-like, rather than conversing ("I don't understand the way you speak Tricia, it's too fast and kind of jerky.") Now, I am sorry I wasn't just a little kinder in my heart.

That doesn't negate the power of hardware solutions themselves. There are times when worthy activities, a positive attitude and contemplating those less fortunate need a boost from putting money where mouth is, in this case from Cissy. Thank you darling.

Carly and Fae are selling their twelve acres of rain forest aptly called A Slice of Heaven. See:

Heaven comes in many slices.


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