Friday, June 08, 2007

Mothers Squared

Today we had our planned outing with mum and mum - Ann and Jean - to view the new house, then go by light train to Chinatown for dim sum, delicious! Only thing not in the plan was atrocious weather (though Sydney is grateful for the rain, 4"), umbrellas inside out, trees down, very exciting. Then back here to sew.

Did I record the Scottish Inquisition last night? Mum met Siena's boyfriend Nick for the first time, we had a wonderful dinner interspersed with stretches and exercises as Ned was sore from his workout and we each had our own remedies. The meal ended eccentrically with fresh bread (I hadn't knocked it back quite early enough) which tasted different AGAIN. Nick and Siena want to try the recipe too.

Norma has been scanning a century's worth of photo archives from many sources (thanks Stefan!)into mum/gran's digital frame. Hard work, but exactly the sort of thing one never gets round to doing. In a way it's part of her great tidy-up before the move.

I wonder what is happening back home. Will, Felix, Claudia Margaret?


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