Friday, June 01, 2007

White Rabbit White Rabbit

Spent the whole day in my burrow sewing and have the body of one sofa complete except for the hem and gussets. Relaxation was eating so I am waddling a bit now, Bronte my constant companion as someone with food in hand is her Best Friend. So here I am, clean and slathered in Creme de la Mer - getting fond of the stuff - ready for an early night as Paddy and I go to the fish markets at 7. I might bake the bread at 4 as I did this morning, the uses of jet lag. This batch was mixed by Ned as he enjoyed the last lot, and it was best ever, I think the cast iron pan is a necessity for crisp crust.

Maybe Felix will make it in his digs to impress his flatmates? Sudden horrid thought - will he take his espresso machine?


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