Monday, May 21, 2007


We were on our best behaviour for a jolly night with the UCSF history department to see Cissy awarded the Joseph Mullin Prize and declared a Distinguished Undergraduate Scholar; didn't the girl done good.

She gets to wear a two-toned cord - rather pyjama-y - with her gown, and is in a secret society (with a handshake? I didn't know if they were joking or not) called Phi Alpha Theta, Kappa Phi Chapter. I think.

Fighting off a raving head-cold the next morning and helpless in the teeth of vicious cold winds whipping my plants to shreds, tipping a heavy geranium on the table and even turning my kayak over. When I checked this morning, all serene, the convallaria pips green already, the new barrel dug into the hillside firm as a rock, buds on Fourth of July and flowers on New Dawn, which I shall pick in happy memory of Park Village.

William came over and we watched an asinine film called The Fountain, hair-acting all the way. I am still enjoying Pan's Labyrinth and that makes me even more intolerant than usual.

This morning, Kaiser and College of Marin. I would like to be busier.


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