Thursday, May 31, 2007


So here I am at Norma's, sewing slip covers for four sofas all ready to go to the new house. It is sunny and mild and I am not working too hard, although mysteriously made the first trial cushion three inches too long, what was I thinking?

We visited the new house the other evening, it is lovely, Norma is completely besotted, Michael says he has never seen her like this before, sitting over dinner with a soppy little smile on her face.

For light relief we have been turning out things which won't make the cut in the move, even the wonderful little workroom under the house (the OLD house). The new house has a cellar, and a tower, a loggia and a jaunty solid little Apso who unfortunately won't be staying.

Insight: Norma is a much better cook than I am, and she makes far more effort.

My mum will be coming down to see us and the new house, maybe next week. This weekend Norma rows, and I will cook with Paddy, dinner for sixteen.

The big news is that Felix has found an apartment and moves tomorrow, while I am away. Empty nest? Stefan is very keen to move his workroom into Felix's old space, I hope he gets some stalwart young men to help him. Things are moving fast.


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