Monday, June 04, 2007


Re-cut the 'armpits' of the sofa this morning before Norma and I set off for a merry jaunt to de-barnacle - get rid of the encrustation of to-dos on the mental hull. I find it slightly un-nerving to drive with a four metre boat on the roof-rack but Norma is used to it, we collected it, de-rigged then attempted to take it to the shipwright, amid other tasks like collecting microwave and new lights. We didn't get any coffee! Not in a good coffee area.

We also took back the rugs we had collected on approval from Cadry's, fixture of my girlhood. They have some spectacular Tibetans, but the most interesting were plain patchwork Turkish kelims in luscious soft colours. Filed away for later.

I am reading a biography of Georgette Heyer, very interesting, very restrained. Maybe the degree of cooperation involved would have been jeopardised by a sharper view.


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