Sunday, June 03, 2007


Norma and I spent all day at the Regatta, she rowed three times and brought home two silvers! Celebration at Tropicana with Mike, Nom, Ned, Siena and Nick.

It was a lovely day, walking back and forth to the river, sitting by the tent with the other rowers, reading dreadful Sunday newspapers I will never touch again, then driving back from Penrith and opening the boatshed, lying on the pontoon waiting for the trailer and boats, watching the sun go down and spotting stars as they came out. I stayed out of the way for the unloading, complex business, I just brought trestles whenever I heard a cry of anguish.

Colin rang when we got home so I caught up with my big bro. "When are you coming down to Melbourne?" he asked, but I explained Norma owns me.

Am staying in touch with home via email of course, trying to micromanage the domestic disasters I left, but it leads to exchanges like this (aabout the fridge):

"Do you know how to ring Sears? It's on a magnet on the fridge.
I'll do it first thing on Monday.
I am seriously worried about tomaine.
He's ok."

Apparently there is Much Junk rustled up by the reorganisation. Should occasion a big clearout - after all if something has been sitting under the bed for five years, we probably don't Need it. On the other hand, that is where the snorkels etc live, and we will need them for Hawaii in September, unless of course they have perished in the meantime.


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