Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busybusy Whoopee

So, I moved the aerial from the pergola to the roof, cut a hole in Felix's headboard to accommodate a power point and transferred it to my bed (so comfortable!), unpacked and moved Stefan's bookcases and cleaned behind them, moved the orchids, put the tent on Craigslist, swept and garnished, costed out the new bathroom, and cut Stefan's and Felix's hair, mine next. I am loving my daily yoga class.

Stefan bought me the Rado Ceramica watch I have lusted after for eight years, for my birthday! I had tried it on in the airport, then my old watch stopped completely once I was back home so we got the Rado via the internet. It is all black, very scratch resistant which is a distinct advantage for me, and has the numbers 1, 5, 7 and 11 in the corners instead of 3, 6, 9, 12, which tickles my mind when I look at it. Bliss. A little early for my birthday to be sure, but that is fine by me. It is EXACTLY what I wanted.

Lunch with Felix for Father's Day today at Pacific Catch, just perfect, I sat admiring Felix's new haircut and wondered why miso soup is so satisfying. I told them more about Australia - I was a bit out of it on Sunday. No jetlag, rather I have been full of restless energy. Delighted with On Gold Mountain by Lisa See which Norma lent me for the plane, we filmed her for the Kidney Foundation and she spoke very well, so I had been intending to read the book. It has a wonderful directness.

I used my credit at Marshalls to buy a cast iron skillet for tarte tartine and a wonderful lidded witch's kettle for making bread, as one of the reasons it was so successful in Sydney was the heavy cast iron pot, I am sure that is what creates the delicious crust, and the lid causes the bread to be steamed for the first half-hour - then you take it off. Alas, I made another cowpat. Maybe the flour is different, or the sun too cold and the heated pad too hot, or maybe just not enough dough to fill the bottom of the pan. I shall try again once this one is eaten. We enjoyed such triumph, such a build-up at Norma's that I am chastened.

I got an email from Dee saying she has detected two rotting boards in their deck, one loo whistles and the oven spontaneously hums and sings until you open and close the door several times. what interesting living conditions. I did ask her to make sure her vegetable tubs were over the piles as they are heavy and the deck, while of industrial strength 13" by 2" boards, is old.

More hot dry wind today, my clematis is slowly desiccating and there is not a thing I can do about it.


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