Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Rivers, Beaches and Mountains

For the last two mornings we have been meeting at the rowing club to welcome the dawn on the river. Once I rowed in a double with Norma, and yesterday with Tim while Nom took the single, and I seem to learn something new every few minutes. There is the pleasure of technique and activity, the beauty of the setting, mountains all round, cows on the bank, flocks of parrots and lorikeets overhead, the sound of the currawongs- and there is the coffee afterwards of course! I feel stronger already and that is like feeling life itself after a full year and more of ailments, illness and decline.

My mammy is still very impaired by her cracked rib but at least we have changed the pain medication. Why is it that doctors don't seem to realise how blunt-instrument drugs can be? Still, it is good we are here and we have seem such a lot, from Mooball to the new Art Gallery, and of course the wonderful wild, ever-stretching Pacific beaches. rivers, beaches and mountains, sun and rain.


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