Sunday, March 04, 2007


Antarctic beeches yesterday! Tim and Angela drove us up to Pinnacle Point, overlooking the whole caldera, cool at that altitude, and glowing with soft green mosses on the ground, on the trees, even completely covering a picnic table so it seemed upholstered.
The beeches are immense and look truly ancient, knarled and hollowed, in fact the whole of it is other-timely, single leafed ferns, tiny date palms with single strands of bright red fruit, sparse shrubs with sharp quarter inch spines on the leaves and stems.

Then lunch with the bikers at the Uki pub, succulent.

I have a lot to catch up on. Rowed with Tim early on Thursday morning and was delighted with it, looked up the Marin Rowing Club immediately. We went out in a quad with Tim as coach and cox, there was mist on the mountains and even over the river. Friday we took the Hobies to Clarrie Hall Dam, Tim and Angela had borrowed another two and we all paddled for nearly two hours through water lilies and ghostly tree stumps, stopping for coffee passed companionably from boat to boat, and on Saturday went to Kingscliff for the meeting of surf and river, low tide and wide sandbanks dotted with birds and children. Angela and I were hailed several times by people curious about the Hobies, Stefan likes them too and they come from San Fran.

Maybe i should use my kayak more before we buy another! Though as Angela says, it is far more fun to do it with company.
Then a disapponting meal at Salt, but we sat and watched the full moon rise out of the sea and mum and I saw a shooting star. Drove home through the cane fields bellowing 50s songs to a compilation album and fell into bed with the fans roaring, it is very hot and sticky.

Today Tim and Angela are working so Stefan, mum and I will do practical things before tea with Doriel in her Queenslander, a quiet day before Norma's arrival and some serious fun rowing.

Suscipe peed on Felix's duvet when accidentally locked in his room, but he is coping!


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