Sunday, February 25, 2007

Penrith and Beyond

Norma said to use her computer so I am, as it seems cruel to separate Stefan from his laptop for even half an hour.

We went to Penrith to watch Norma race, but the regatta was halted by a spectacular thunder/lightning and hail storm, we had to shelter under the trees to protect the car. Nom drove back in hr soaking rowing gear but it wasn't cold, 37 Celcius. I am beginning to see the great attraction of rowing, and few of the women look like super-young athletes apart from Carina.

That night we had another big family dinner with Siena, Nick, Ned and Laura beofre the young folk went onto a party. Sunday I took Bronte for a walk over Cooper Park which is so beautiful and wild I wished I had a camera, then we went to Bob Kersey's exhibition and had lunch with him and his wife Mary.

They have promised to come to SF, but the oddest thing was that Bob told Stefan a story about him which was half true, half changed - the 'Australian Lighting' one, but hadn't a clue who had told him! It was set in Australia, not Wales, and Rosemary was with him not me but it was the same story all right, and one which hasn't yet been published. Stefan was amazed and delighted. A legend in his lunchtime!

We rounded off the weekend with dinner at Paddy's, good gossip and spectacular fireworks which she modestly brushed off. It is such a big house, she has most of it packed but it is a mammoth task. I wouldn't wonder if she wanted to live on a houseboat after this just for light relief.

Today Norma and Michael have a meeting in Canberra so have kindly given me the keys to the Volvo, and we are having lunch with Virginia in Walsh Bay.

Felix did sterling detective work and has found the booking number (and the carrier!) for our flight on Wednesday.

I am wondering how my offspring are fairing, wondering that I feel so at home here though it is SO expensive, way more so than Marin. I love the lack of branding, the low-key advertising after the screaming vulgarity of billboards, television and papers in the US. The young women look so healthy and assured and un-tricked-out. The gardens look personal and well-enjoyed. It is hard to explain.

Incidentally as I was sitting in the pavilion in Penrith I suddenly remember the name of the woman whose husband was head of the river - it is Jenny Clegg. I obviously needed the boats in front of me to remember it, some months later. Longest senior moment I have had.


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