Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Dream of...

We have just finished a most unlikely double feature: Gene Krupa, and X-MenII. Only bettered by the notorious double feature in the Rose Bay Wintergarten The Virgin Spring (Bergman) and I'm All Right Jack (Sellars).

I was delighted to see the Krupa compilation because we have been on a Krupa kick which started as we drove home from the Kidney Foundation Gala and I played Koop Islands for Stefan, in which track 4, 'Forces', starts with homage to Krupa in 'Sing Sing Sing', and also reminded me of the club sequence in The Mask so we watched that again three days ago. I love the way these things unroll.

Driven a little bit crazy by Stefan dithering that Gene is pronounced Jeannie, no matter how often I say it isn't. I suspect a corrupt early childhood influence. Unedifying marital tit-for-tat has escalated so I now refer to Ben Goodman in retaliation. And Lou Armstrong.


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