Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We have come to a parting of the ways with the Monster and I feel gentle relief - great troughs and shouting and bathos don't suit me, even if I do feel I should know how to cope with them. For sheer ignorance, inconsistency and bull-headedness he was hard to beat.

In contrast the WildCare film we finished last week was so professional and well-planned and downright pleasant to work on it throws the other into grim relief. Why did we put up with it? The money for starters, and the subject matter was interesting. It hasn't occurred to me before to refuse work for personal reasons but I suppose there just is a limit.

Today's shooting was confrontational and unprepared, and I will be surprised if tomorrow's happens. We shall see.

I am enjoying a string on the subject of poodle mixes in The Deep North, Labrador territory. There is a subtle etiquette in joining a conversation online as there is in the world of the flesh, and I fear intrusion, my own worse than someone else's. On the other hand it truly is a global village and I enjoy that. I confess I enjoy the Britishness of it as well, here on the edge of the Western World.


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