Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We have had such unseasonably warm and dry weather that the air is already scented with mimosa. A wonderfully dopey indulgent day, everyone heavy-lidded after lunch and I had one of those blissful naps through which I could hear every note of the birds and smell the salt in the air and fresh tortilla chips cooking. An orchid I left outside has two stems and a flower out already, that's how I spotted it, and needn't feel guilty as it is doing better than those I am cossetting inside. Hmmmn.

New Orleans apparently this weekend so my barrels must wait, and I have promised an Ikea run with Jessica as well. It was good fun meeting her parents this weekend, and easy, so that is a very good thing, a further blessing on our children.

Felix is at Mac World today and will go again with Stefan tomorrow, sooner them than me. I will deliver the latest batch to Zany and try to think of some rare adventure while they are occupied. Sheep hunting up near Sacramento? I'll ask Dan on Thursday if he knows of any in Mendecino.

Foolish as it may sound, the sheep are shaping up. It is probably a good while in the future but I don't see why I shouldn't have the pleasure of planning now.


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