Friday, December 15, 2006

Frabjous Day

And totally unpremeditated.

I had Friday morning breakfast with Mary, speaking the shorthand as usual, a deeper pleasure for me as I do miss my friends sometimes. Then it was such a seductive, bright blustery morning I walked over the point and along the beach, picking up vivid maple leaves from pink to raspberry to purple, some butter yellow leaves from who knows where, seed pods, arbutus, driftwood, beach glass, shells... I came in with bulging pockets and made an immediate still life in the old porthole.

Then Marlyn rang and on the spur of the moment we went into the city to return the excessively expensive clothes which I had bought and regretted. We had lovely fun, light-hearted shopping and lunch, so I am back here with gardenias, l'Ombre dans l'Eau and a wonderful light ochre jacket reduced from $578 to $110. I have work stretching pleasingly into the new year, Stefan has the bit between his teeth on the Big Movie, and dinner is in the oven.

Oh, and I booked our Virgin Blue tickets from Sydney to Coolangatta February 28, landing 3pm ( Captain, art thou sleeping there below?)


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