Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sweet Refreshing Rain

We came back last night to a lovely soft rain, at last. Felix had friends in, the fire was lit and it was so welcoming after two days in Gomorrah. Las Vegas is monstrous, and I am so ill-attuned to its ethos I hardly want to see its up-side: friendly, cheap, tolerant, mind-boggling. Gondoliers! Cirque du Soleil! an enormous shopping mall with a dancing spectacular while we ate our humble tuna salad!

Felix has made ginger beer. I wonder if it will explode like the ginger beer of my childhood.

One thing: I felt more glamorous in Las Vegas. Here I am a bit grim round the chops, there I wore jewellery and sparkled a little. The people watching is most rewarding. Stefan says he wants a cowboy hat now, so I asked if he wanted me to wear tucked in jeans and boots and a tight spangley top. However much you may say such gear is inappropriate, the ladies at least looked as though they tried, and you could see what they were aiming at. Sheer defeat rules the dressing of too many respectable ladies.


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